How to dehydrate tofu? The Best Dehydrated Tofu Recipes to Try at Home

Tofu is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes. It’s a great source of protein and is often used as a meat substitute in vegan and vegetarian diets. However, have you ever tried dehydrated tofu? Dehydrated tofu is a dried version of tofu that has a unique texture and flavor. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about dehydrated tofu, from how to dehydrate tofu to how to use it in your cooking.

Introduction to Dehydrated Tofu

It’s been around for a very long time: tofu. It first appeared in China and Japan, and as time went on, it emerged as a significant protein source all over the world. Since tofu is often less expensive than most meats and fish, it is a cost-effective protein choice.

In addition to being a great source of minerals like calcium, iron, and protein, tofu also has several health advantages. Also, it has minimal fat, cholesterol, salt, and carbohydrate content. The nine essential amino acids are all present in tofu, along with vitamin B, manganese, selenium, copper, and zinc.

The tofu was first dried by the Japanese more than 750 years ago in order to preserve it. (If you’ve ever been curious about what tofu tastes like after being marinated and dried, stop wondering now. It will be delicious and just as chewy and meaty as you expected it to be.)

How to dehydrate tofu?

To make dehydrated tofu, you’ll need to start with firm tofu. Here are the steps to dehydrate it:

  • Step 1 – Press the water out of the tofu: Place the tofu between two paper towels or a clean kitchen towel and place a weight on top of it. Let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour to press out the excess water.
  • Step 2 – Slice the tofu: Cut the tofu into thin slices, about ¼ inch thick.
  • Step 3 – Dehydrate the tofu: Place the tofu slices in a dehydrator or on a baking sheet in the oven at a low temperature (around 150°F) for several hours until the slices are completely dry and crispy.


  • Don’t keep the dried tofu out for more than an hour because it will reabsorb moisture from the air once it has dried.
  • Consider vacuum sealing the tofu in mason jars, mylar bags, or vacuum-seal bags to extend its shelf life.
  •  You can freeze the tofu before you slice it. This will make it simpler to manage and guarantee that the dehydration is thorough and uniform.

Get your dehydrator if you have one and start dehydrating the tofu right away. If not, you can just use your oven to complete the task. On the dehydrator trays or a baking sheet, arrange the tofu in a single layer.

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The dehydrator should be set at 140° F/60° C. Dehydrating tofu normally takes 6 to 9 hours, and baking it typically takes 8 to 12 hours. To ensure even dehydration, turn the tofu chunks every three hours. The tofu should have a leather-like texture when it is finished.

dehydrated tofu

The dehydrator should be set at 140° F/60° C

Perishable food items like tofu can be kept for a longer period of time in a cold, dry location after dehydrating it. It is therefore practical for camping, vacation, or backpacking. By removing the water from the tofu, you may create a lighter product that is convenient to pack without adding extra weight to your load. Before using it in a meal, eat it as a snack or rehydrate it.

How to rehydrate dehydrated tofu?

Before using dehydrated tofu in your cooking, you’ll need to rehydrate it. Here’s how:

  • Soak the tofu slices in hot water for 10-15 minutes until they become pliable.
  • Squeeze out the excess water from the tofu slices.
  • Use the rehydrated tofu in your recipe as desired.

The dried tofu squares do slightly expand when rehydrated, but they don’t become floppy like fresh tofu does instead retaining a spongy, more solid texture akin to smoked gouda cheese. They just take on the flavors of the rest of your meal in terms of taste.

You might also prepare it by seasoning it, then dehydrating it. Tofu can be marinated in soy sauce and placed directly in the dehydrator to avoid cooking it.

On the trail, you may rehydrate tofu in a pot of water for a slightly softer consistency, consume it straight from the pot like jerky, or mix it right in with rice, pasta, or soups.

How to use dehydrated tofu?

In fact, dehydrated tofu is a versatile ingredient that can be used in many ways. Here are some ideas:

  • Add dehydrated tofu crumbles to salads: Crumble the dehydrated tofu and sprinkle it over your favorite salad for an extra boost of protein.
  • Stir-fry it: Rehydrate the tofu slices by soaking them in hot water for 10 minutes. Then, stir-fry them with your favorite vegetables and sauce.
  • Use it as a meat substitute: Dehydrated tofu can be used as a vegan meat substitute in dishes like tacos, burritos, and sandwiches.
  • Make the soup: Add dehydrated tofu to your favorite soup recipe for a hearty and flavorful addition.
  • Vegan jerky: You can make your own vegan jerky using dehydrated tofu jerky slices. Simply marinate the tofu in your favorite sauce and dehydrate it as usual.
  • Protein powder: Dehydrated tofu can be ground into a powder and used as a protein powder in smoothies.
  • Nutritional benefits: Dehydrated tofu is a great source of protein, calcium, and iron. It’s also low in fat and calories.
dehydrated tofu

You can make your own vegan jerky using dehydrated tofu jerky slices.

Top 4 dehydrated tofu recipes

Now you may wonder how to cook dehydrated tofu. Here are some delicious dehydrated tofu recipes:

Tofu Noodles with Vegetables & Rice: 1 Big Serving


  • 1/2 cup dried rice (66 g)
  • Dried Tofu, 1/4 cup (20 g)
  • 14 cups of lightly packed dried spring onions (2 g)
  • Dried Mushrooms, 1/4 cup (5 g)
  • 1/4 cup dry vegetable Medley (10 g).
  • Corn and Carrots
  • 1 teaspoon vegetable bouillon powder.
  • Rehydrating water: 2.5 cups.


Put all of the dried ingredients in a pot with water to prepare. Bring to a boil, then cover with a lid and place in an insulating cozy for at least 15 minutes.

Spicy Tofu Tortillas – 2 tortillas


  • ½ cup Dried Taco Spiced Tofu Squares (45 g)
  • 2 8” Tortillas
  • ½ cup water to rehydrate: (118 ml)


  • Put the dried tofu squares in the water-filled pot. Bring to a boil, then cover with a lid and place in an insulating cozy for at least 15 minutes.
  • Fill tortillas with the rehydrated tofu, then fold them in half. The tofu for the second tortilla should be kept warm in the saucepan while you prepare the first one.

Tofu Vegetable Soup –  1 Big Serving

Ingredients: The same as the last dish, without the rice. Corn has been replaced with dried broccoli. Rehydrating water: 2.5 cups.

Preparation: Put all of the dried ingredients in a pot with water to prepare. Bring to a boil, then cover with a lid and place in an insulating cozy for at least 15 minutes.

Curry Tofu & Vegetables – 1 Big Serving


  • 1/2 cup dried curry. Noodles or Squares of Seasoned Tofu (45 g)
  • Dried Carrots, 1/4 cup (10 g)
  • Dried broccoli, 14 cups (5 g)
  • Dried Apples, 1/4 cup (10 g)
  • Rehydrating water: 114 cups (295 ml)

Optional components: 1 Tbsp powdered coconut milk or 2 Tbsp powdered milk

Preparation: Put all of the dried ingredients in a pot with water, excluding the milk or coconut milk powder. Bring to a boil, then cover with a cozy to keep warm for fifteen minutes. When there is still some liquid, stir in the milk powder. Wait another five or more minutes.

dehydrated tofu

Curry Tofu & Vegetables

FAQs – How to dehydrate tofu

What types of tofu you can dehydrate? 

The finest tofu for dehydration is firm or extra-firm. If you don’t have access to a freeze-dryer or dehydrator, you may buy freeze-dried tofu, also known as koyadofu in Japan, in Asian shops, or on Amazon. It is simple to rehydrate. The use of dried bean curd or tempeh is an additional choice.

Can you flavor tofu before dehydrating it?

You may dehydrate tofu plain or flavor it. Tofu readily takes on flavors. Tofu that has been frozen, thawed, and cut into slices can be cooked with bouillon, ramen broth (from a packet or handmade), or flavorful broth made with Mexican, Thai, Italian, or other spice blends. You can also use a soy sauce or teriyaki sauce marinade to give the tofu a savory taste.

  • For 10 minutes, simmer the tofu in 1-2 cups of stock (enough to cover the tofu).
  • For the tofu to absorb more flavorful water, leave it in the saucepan for an hour.
  • Pour the broth out.

How long does dehydrated tofu last?

The limited shelf life of dried tofu is caused by its high-fat content. It can be kept for 1-2 weeks in an airtight container in a cool, dry, dark place, for 6 months in the fridge, or for 12 months in the freezer.

Freeze-dried tofu can be kept for 10–15 years in a vacuum-sealed container with an oxygen absorber.


Dehydrated tofu is a delicious and versatile ingredient that can add flavor and nutrition to many dishes. By following the simple steps to dehydrate tofu and rehydrate it, you can experiment with many different recipes and add variety to your meals. With its unique texture and flavor, dehydrated tofu is a great ingredient for vegans, vegetarians, and anyone looking for a healthier and more sustainable protein source.

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