Top 10 Tray Dehydrators: A Culinary Journey Through Choices

Are you on the hunt for the perfect 10 tray dehydrator to elevate your culinary adventures? Look no further! In this comprehensive review, we delve into the world of 6 remarkable dehydrators: the Weston 10 tray, Septree 10 tray, Excalibur 10 tray, Magic Mill 10 tray, Cosori 10 tray, and Ivation 10 tray models. 

Each of these kitchen appliances brings its unique set of features and functionalities to the table, catering to different needs and preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned jerky enthusiast, a fruit drying aficionado, or someone just starting out, this guide will help you navigate through the options and find the perfect dehydrator for your kitchen.

Weston 10 tray dehydrator review

I am thrilled with its outstanding performance and exceptional value. Weston, a brand renowned for its durable and high-performance food processing equipment, truly lives up to its reputation with this dehydrator. 

Using it has been a breeze; it’s user-friendly, quiet, and heats up swiftly, making the dehydration process efficient and hassle-free. The machine’s airflow is perfectly calibrated, ensuring thorough and uniform dehydration, and it’s constructed with top-notch materials, guaranteeing both durability and quality. 

What sets this Weston dehydrator 10 tray apart is its optimal capacity and the remarkable consistency it offers. It delivers superior results in significantly less time compared to larger dehydrators, making it a standout choice for anyone seeking efficiency. 

 10 tray dehydrator

Weston 10 tray dehydrator

While there was a temporary plastic odor during the initial use, and it’s not dishwasher safe, these minor inconveniences are easily overshadowed by its impressive performance. In my experience, it’s the ideal dehydrator I’ve been searching for. 

As a helpful tip, I’ve found it perfect for creating delicious jerky using roasted Hatch Green Chilies, fresh crushed garlic, lean flank steak, and Himalayan Pink Salt, all infused with a hint of Stubb’s Brand liquid smoke.


  • Large Capacity: With 10 trays and 10.3 square feet of drying space
  • Offers more uniform drying, precise temperature control, and a convenient digital timer
  • Oven-style door.


  • Noise during operation
  • Large Size
  • The trays are made of plastic.
  • Suits our needs perfectly, but there are pricier options available.
  • No recipe guide.

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Septree 10 Trays Food Dehydrator

I recently purchased the Septree 10-Tray Food Dehydrator, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with its performance. This dehydrator completely exceeded my expectations. 

Not only does it do its job exceptionally well, but its sleek design also seamlessly blends into my kitchen decor, adding a touch of elegance. The ease of use, energy efficiency, and auto shut-off function make it incredibly convenient. 

One standout feature is its horizontal airflow system, ensuring that every tray receives uniform drying, which is essential for perfect results. I’m particularly fond of making beef jerky, and this dehydrator consistently produces delicious, precisely dried jerky that my friends and family can’t get enough of. 


The Septree 10 Tray Dehydrator offers a mix of convenience and minor challenges. Its odd placement of programming controls can be inconvenient if the dehydrator is set high. 

However, its back part easily unclips, simplifying the maintenance of electrical components. Unlike other models, it has user-friendly clips on each side for effortless removal.

The fact that the trays are dishwasher-safe is a game-changer, simplifying the cleaning process significantly. I wholeheartedly recommend the Septree 10-Tray Food Dehydrator, especially for fellow jerky enthusiasts or anyone who loves experimenting with dehydrating various foods. It’s a fantastic investment for food lovers and experimenters alike.


  • Even drying
  • Easy to use
  • Energy efficiency


  • A bit odd placement of programming controls.

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Excalibur 10 tray dehydrator

 I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Excalibur 10 trays dehydrator from the Performance Series, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed

 This professional-grade dehydrator from the well-known Excalibur brand truly lives up to its reputation. 

With its spacious 10 trays and convenient bottom drip tray, this dehydrator offers ample room for all my drying needs. 

The digital control panel, clear top window, and automatic temperature and fan adjustments make the operation a breeze, and I particularly love the dual timer mode, allowing me to dry two different foods simultaneously. 

 10 tray dehydrator

Excalibur 10 tray dehydrator

During my first attempt at making beef jerky, I was amazed at how quickly it dried, although I learned that slicing the meat a bit thicker would yield even better results.

One of the standout features for me is its versatility; not only can it produce perfect jerky, but it also excels at drying fruits and making fruit leather, adding a whole new dimension to my culinary experiments. 

While the Excalibur 10 trays dehydrator comes with a higher price tag, I firmly believe it’s worth every penny. The innovative features and consistent results it delivers justify the expense.

Moreover, the build quality of this dehydrator is outstanding. Every component fits perfectly and moves freely, reflecting meticulous craftsmanship. The control panel is user-friendly, offering precise control over the drying process. What surprised me the most was its quiet operation; compared to other dehydrators I’ve used, this one is impressively silent.

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Additionally, the dehydrator’s metal construction feels sturdy, yet it remains surprisingly lightweight, making it easy to move around thanks to the built-in handles. Loading and unloading are a breeze with the secure glass door, which can be conveniently pushed back under the dehydrator. 

The large observation window on top is a thoughtful addition, allowing me to monitor the progress without interrupting the drying process.

One feature that truly sets this dehydrator apart is the pause button. It enables me to inspect the lower trays easily, with the fan slowing down when the door is opened. 

This thoughtful design allows for adjustments in temperature and time while in paused mode, ensuring precise results every time.


  • Sturdy construction but lightweight.
  • The control panel is user-friendly
  • Large observation window on top.
  • Dual timer mode


  • Higher price

Magic Mill dehydrator 10 tray

One of its standout features is its incredible versatility; it effortlessly produces delicious apple slices, banana chips, and jerky, making snack preparation a breeze. However, there are a couple of drawbacks to consider. 

The location of the thermostat probe can make temperature control a bit tricky, requiring occasional adjustments. Additionally, the unit’s predominantly plastic construction makes it somewhat lacking in rigidity, especially without the grates in place.

 10 tray dehydrator

Magic Mill 10 tray dehydrator

Despite these minor issues, I was pleasantly surprised by its performance. The Magic Mill dehydrator 10 tray operates quietly, maintaining a peaceful kitchen ambiance, and its impeccable airflow ensures even drying. 

I was particularly impressed by the user-friendly digital display, offering a wide temperature range for precise control. The accompanying recipe book, a delightful bonus, even guided me on crafting yogurt within the machine, showcasing its diverse capabilities. 

The real highlight, however, was the flawless jerky it yielded when set at 165 degrees for approximately 5 hours. This Magic Mill 10 tray dehydrator undeniably offers excellent value for its price, making it a worthwhile addition to any kitchen.


  • The fan is quiet and everything is simple to operate.
  • The heat is evenly distributed, so rotating trays is not necessary.
  • Cleanup is very easy.
  • The included recipe book is helpful for reference.


  • Mostly made of plastic.
  • The temperature control may be an issue.

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Cosori 10 trays dehydrator

I’ve been using the Cosori 10 trays dehydrator, and it’s really easy to use. You don’t have to move the trays around like with round dehydrators, which saves time. 

Cleaning is also much simpler compared to cheaper round ones. The dehydrator is big, which is good for loading and cleaning, but it takes up a lot of counter space. It’s not super quiet, but it’s quieter than most round ones.

 10 tray dehydrator

Cosori 10 tray dehydrator

The dehydrator can dry a lot of food, and you can change the temperature to fit different foods. It’s made of strong metal, which is better than the old plastic model. The air circulation system works well, and you can see inside through the glass door.

The trays are close together, but I use them all, so it’s not a big problem. It came with one fruit roll sheet and one mesh tray, but I bought more trays for convenience.

It’s a bit expensive, so if you’re new to dehydrating, maybe try a basic one first. Also, think about where you’ll put it because it needs space. Overall, it’s easy to use and dries food well, making it a good choice if you have the room and budget for it.


  • Easy to use
  • Even drying
  • Large drying space 
  • Quiet operation.


  • A bit expensive.

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Ivation 10 Tray Commercial Food Dehydrator 

Crafted from durable stainless steel, this appliance boasts a design that exudes quality. What sets it apart from its competitors is its minimal use of plastic, a welcome departure from other brands that tend to overuse this material. 

Surprisingly, the 10 tray model looks and feels much more expensive than its actual price tag suggests. While it could benefit from more precise temperature settings instead of the somewhat coarse “9-degree” increments, and the beeping sound is a tad too loud for my liking, these minor issues don’t overshadow the overall excellence of the product. 


I wish there were an option to adjust or mute the beeping, and having extra fruit leather trays would have been a nice touch. Nevertheless, given its exceptional quality and reasonable price, these drawbacks are easily forgivable. 

The dehydrator’s ample size makes it perfect for drying a substantial amount of produce, making it an ideal choice for my gardening plans. In conclusion, the Ivation 10 trays dehydrator efficiently dries significant quantities of food and stands as a testament to its great design and functionality.


  • Easy to operate. 
  • Easy to clean. 
  • Handsome equipment.
  • Spacious with nicely spaced racks.


  • Loud beeping noise 

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Yes, a 10 tray dehydrator can be used for commercial purposes. Commercial dehydrators are typically larger in size and have more trays to accommodate larger quantities of food. 

A 10 tray dehydrator provides ample space for drying a significant amount of food at once, making it suitable for commercial use. It is important to consider the specific features and specifications of the dehydrator to ensure it meets the requirements of your commercial operation.

The capacity of a 10 tray dehydrator varies depending on the model. However, on average, a 10 tray dehydrator can hold around 10 to 20 pounds of food.

Yes, it is recommended to rotate the trays while using a 10 tray dehydrator to ensure even drying of the food. This is especially important if you are dehydrating foods that require longer drying times, such as fruits or vegetables. 


Whether you’re crafting mouthwatering jerky, drying an assortment of fruits, or experimenting with new recipes, these dehydrators cater to various tastes and preferences. As you embark on your dehydrating journey, consider your specific needs, budget, and kitchen space. Regardless of your choice, rest assured that you’re investing in a versatile tool that not only preserves your favorite foods but also unlocks a world of flavors and creative culinary possibilities. Happy dehydrating!

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