Samson Silent Dehydrators: Uncovering the Wonders of 6 Trays, 9 Trays, and 10 Trays

In this blog, we will take a closer look at the Samson Silent Dehydrators, focusing on three exceptional models: the 6 trays, 9 trays, and 10 trays. These dehydrators are designed to cater to various needs, from compact spaces to larger drying requirements. 

With features like quiet operation, adjustable temperature settings, and easy-to-use controls, the Samson Silent Dehydrators offer a reliable and efficient solution for preserving your favorite fruits, vegetables, herbs, and snacks. Let’s dive into the detailed specifications and explore the magic of these remarkable dehydrators!

Quick Specifications 

Let’s dive into the detailed specifications and uncover the magic they bring to your kitchen!


Samson silent dehydrator

6 trays

Samson silent dehydrator

9 trays

Samson silent dehydrator

10 trays

Shape SquareSquareSquare
Dimensions17.75 x 13.5 x 12.5inches17.75 x 12.51 x 16.5 inches17 x 16.5 x 21 inches
Item Weight18.5 Pounds19.06 pounds40.8 pounds
Wattage 600 watts600 watts1000 watts
Temp Range (°F)95 F – 167 F95 F – 158 F95 F – 167 F 
Number of Trays6910
Digital TimerYesYesYes
Price Check Price Check PriceCheck Price

Samson Silent Dehydrators review

Whether you’re a seasoned dehydrating enthusiast or a novice looking to venture into the world of food preservation, these models are sure to impress with their array of features and capabilities. 

Samson silent dehydrator 6 trays

The Samson Silent Dehydrator 6 Trays is a top-notch dehydrator that delivers exceptional performance and user-friendly features. 

Stainless steel body and trays, with a hinged glass door

 The dehydrator features a sturdy and durable stainless steel construction, including the trays. The hinged glass door allows you to monitor the drying process without opening the dehydrator, helping maintain a consistent temperature and prevent heat loss.

Samson silent dehydrator

Samson silent dehydrator
6 trays

Very quiet compared to other dehydrators

The Samson Silent Dehydrator lives up to its name, operating at significantly lower noise levels than many other dehydrators on the market. This makes it suitable for use in homes, offices, or other environments where noise might be a concern.

Easy-to-reach controls on the top front 

The control panel is conveniently located at the top front of the dehydrator, ensuring easy access and intuitive operation.

The digital control panel features four push buttons, which are user-friendly and responsive. The LCD display provides clear and precise information about the settings and drying progress.

The four push buttons on the control panel serve various functions, including powering the dehydrator on or off, setting the temperature and timer, and adjusting the settings with the increase and decrease buttons.

Temperature Range – 8 Settings from 95°F – 167°F

The dehydrator offers a wide temperature range with eight settings, allowing you to adjust the heat precisely to suit different types of food and achieve optimal dehydration results.

Timer Range – Up to 24 Hours 

The adjustable timer provides flexibility for long-duration drying, allowing you to set the dehydrator for up to 24 hours with 30-minute increments.

When the timer goes to 00:00, the heating stops, the fan runs for 10 seconds, and the machine will beep

The dehydrator is equipped with a helpful feature that automatically stops the heating element when the set drying time is reached. The fan continues to run briefly to help cool down the food, and the machine emits an audible beep to signal the completion of the drying process.

Trays can be moved or removed for dehydrating larger items

 The design of the trays allows you to adjust their positioning or remove them entirely, accommodating larger or thicker items that require more space during the dehydration process.

Automatic fan for consistent drying, preventing overheating

The dehydrator is equipped with an automatic fan that ensures even air distribution and consistent drying throughout all the trays. This feature helps to prevent overheating and ensures uniform results.

Side vents, door, and fan all work together for consistent heat and airflow

 The dehydrator’s design incorporates well-placed side vents, a hinged glass door, and an automatic fan to work harmoniously, creating consistent heat and proper airflow throughout the machine.

All non-stainless materials are BPA-free

 The manufacturer has ensured that all non-stainless components of the dehydrator are BPA-free, making it a safe choice for food dehydration.

Samson Silent Dehydrator 9 Trays Review

Powerful, efficient, and quiet

The Samson “Silent” Dehydrator is impressively powerful, efficiently removing moisture from various foods while maintaining its quiet operation, making it a pleasure to use without disruptive noise.

Plastic body and 9 stainless steel trays

Built with a durable plastic body and featuring 9 stainless steel trays, this dehydrator provides ample space for drying a significant amount of food at once. 

The trays can be easily moved or removed, allowing for effortless loading and unloading of different items.

Samson silent dehydrator

Plastic body and 9 stainless steel trays

The clear plastic door 

Including a clear plastic door is a fantastic feature, enabling users to monitor the progress of the dehydration process without interrupting it. This saves time and ensures that foods are dehydrated to perfection.

The automatic fan

Thanks to its automatic fan system, the Samson Dehydrator guarantees even and consistent drying across all trays. Users no longer need to manually rotate trays, reducing effort and the risk of unevenly dried food.

The digital controls on the front make it easy to use and set the desired temperature and timer settings.

Compact design

The design of this dehydrator is space-saving and practical, as it can be placed under a cabinet, freeing up valuable countertop space in the kitchen.

Temperature range of 95°F – 158°F

With a temperature range of 95°F to 158°F, this dehydrator caters to a wide range of drying needs, allowing for the preparation of diverse foods with optimal results.


The timer range of 0:30 Minutes to 24 Hours

The timer offers versatility with a range of 0:30 minutes to 24 hours in 30-minute increments. This precise control over drying duration ensures that different foods are dehydrated accurately according to their requirements.

The thermal overload protection automatically shuts the unit off if it gets too hot, ensuring safety during operation.

Safe to use 

Safety is a priority with the Samson Dehydrator, as it is equipped with thermal overload protection. This feature automatically shuts off the unit if it detects overheating, providing peace of mind during extended use.

Samson silent dehydrator 10 trays review

Stainless steel dehydrator with glass door

 The dehydrator is constructed with durable and food-grade stainless steel, ensuring longevity and easy cleaning. The glass door allows you to monitor the dehydration process without opening the unit, minimizing heat loss and maintaining the ideal drying environment.

Samson silent dehydrator

Samson silent dehydrator 10 trays

10 stainless trays, 10 BPA-free mesh liners, and a BPA-free drip tray included

This dehydrator comes with ten spacious stainless steel trays, providing ample space to dehydrate large quantities of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and more. The BPA-free mesh liners prevent smaller food items from falling through the trays, ensuring even drying. The BPA-free drip tray catches any excess liquids or drips during the process, making cleanup a breeze.

Quieter than other dehydrators

 The Samson Silent Dehydrator lives up to its name by operating with significantly lower noise levels compared to other conventional dehydrators. This makes it an ideal choice for households with noise sensitivity or for those who prefer a more peaceful dehydrating experience.

Digital control panel with LCD screen and 5 buttons

The user-friendly digital control panel features an LCD screen that displays the current settings. With just five buttons, you can effortlessly power the dehydrator on/off and adjust the temperature and timer settings according to your specific requirements.

Temperature range from 95°F to 167°F with 8 settings

The dehydrator offers a wide temperature range, enabling you to select the ideal temperature for various foods. With eight adjustable settings, you can precisely control the drying temperature to preserve your favorite ingredients’ nutritional content and flavors.

Timer range from 0:30 minutes to 19:30 hours

The built-in timer provides a versatile range of dehydration durations, from as short as 30 minutes to as long as 19 hours and 30 minutes. 

The 30-minute increments allow you to fine-tune the drying time to achieve perfect results for different types of food.


Trays can be removed or adjusted for larger items

The flexible design of the trays allows for easy removal and adjustment, accommodating larger or bulkier items that may require more space. 

This feature increases the dehydrator’s versatility and enables you to dehydrate various foods, including tall or irregularly shaped items.


Samson Brands is a company that produces a variety of kitchen appliances, including juicers, dehydrators, and blenders. The company is based in the United States and has been in business for over 20 years. 

The Samson Silent Dehydrator is one of the company’s most popular products, known for its quiet motor and efficient drying capabilities. I

In addition to the Samson Silent Dehydrator, the company also produces other models of dehydrators, as well as juicers and other kitchen appliances. Samson Brands is committed to producing high-quality, durable, easy to use, and affordable products.

Yes, the Samson Silent Dehydrator is designed to operate quietly, making it a great option for those who want to avoid noisy appliances in their kitchen.

Yes, the Samson Silent Dehydrator is easy to clean. Its trays and mesh sheets are removable and dishwasher-safe, making cleaning easy after use. 

The dehydrator’s exterior can also be wiped down with a damp cloth. It is recommended to clean the dehydrator after each use to prevent any buildup or contamination.


The Samson Silent Dehydrator series offers a range of exceptional models, each designed to cater to different needs and culinary ambitions. From the compact yet powerful 6-tray model to the spacious and versatile 10-tray version, these dehydrators are equipped with user-friendly features and efficient technology for optimal food drying. 

Whether you’re preserving fruits, vegetables, and herbs, or creating tasty snacks, the Samson Silent Dehydrators are the perfect companions for your kitchen. Experience the wonders of quiet operation, adjustable temperature, and precise timers as you embark on your dehydrating journey with these remarkable appliances. 

Elevate your culinary creations and savor the taste of wholesome, homemade treats with the Samson Silent Dehydrator series.

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